Dresses That Make You Look Thinner - 7 Easy Ways To Look Slim (2024)

Dresses That Make You Look Thinner - 7 Easy Ways To Look Slim (1)

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Are you on the hunt for the best dresses that make you look thinner?

Many of you enjoy my blogs about styling for your body shape and choosing the right clothes. Being featured on Hello Giggles, Her Campus, and many other style websites, makes me the best person to show you different outfits to make you look skinny.

Let's get started!


Look Slimmer

Clothes To Avoid


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How To Look Slimmer Regardless of Body Type

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If you're not the popular girl in high school, you've probably had your fair share of scathing looks and meaningless insults from the popular kids at your school. They may have even made fun of your body and teased you about how different you are. You might have even experienced prom dress dilemmas because of your body type.

In today's day and age, we are all encouraged to embrace our bodies and ignore all the bad comments from people around us. However, not everyone is on the same road to self-love. Some of us prefer to hide our insecurities until we're confident enough to show them to others.

We totally understand if you have the same anxiety about showing your arms, legs, hips, and tummies. That's why we have a guide on choosing the right clothes and accessories to help you feel more confident in what you're wearing. It's important for you to choose clothes that will emphasize your assets and de-emphasize your flaws.

I know it must be so difficult to pick out the right stuff, especially because of all the choices we have for ladies. Am I supposed to get a sheath dress with a cap sleeve? What's better for my body type, a small print or a big print? Is this pair of jeans going to help me look slimmer? Fear not, because we have everything you need to revamp your wardrobe to fit your amazing body.

Tip #1: Shapewear is a game-changer.

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Every woman out there should have shapewear in her closet. It adds curves and definitions to the right places. And yes, it can also make you look slimmer. Invest in good-quality shapewear, and you'll never look back.

Tip #2: Wear high-waist jeans.

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Low-rise jeans are so 2000s. High-waist jeans won't go out of style, regardless of body type. It helps tuck in flaps and makes you look taller and slender. The best ones are in darker shades, stretchable, and stop near your ankle.

Tip #3: Invest in good underwear.

Avoid wearing ill-fitting underwear that highlights your muffin tops and back fat and squeezes your chest too much. Instead, wear a bra that gives full coverage, and your underwear should be high-rise and stretchable.

Tip #4: Choose the right accessories.

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Necklaces, scarves, earrings, and other statement jewelry can draw attention away from anything unflattering in your body. Use belts that are big or slender and cinch at the waist.

Tip #5: Choose the right cut.

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V-necklines work best to make you look taller and slimmer. You can also wear a v-neck dress if you don't like t-shirts. Wearing loose shirts on fitted trousers also works if you are trying to hide your muffin tops. If you're not that comfortable showing off your hips, you should wear loose and flared pants.

Tip #6: Work on your posture.

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Avoid slouching, as it can make you look shorter and less confident. Practice sitting up straight, as it can make a lot of difference to your silhouette.

Tip #7: Practice wearing high heels.

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When you wear shoes with a high heel, you elongate your body and create more vertical lines that make you look slimmer. It also helps correct your posture because you must always sit and stand tall to lessen the weight on your soles. When you wear heels, most of your weight is carried by your feet, so it would help if you could decrease the pressure on them.

Clothes To Avoid That Can Make Your Body Look Way Heavier

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Every person will have a collection of outfits that fit them very nicely. Some styles can flatter certain body types, while some will accentuate a person's problem area. The key is to find the best pieces for your body. When you do this, it's important to figure out which styles don't fit you well just to rule them out. It's a must to know these so that they won't be part of your choices for next time.

Here are the clothes to avoid that can make your body look way heavier:

#1: Very tight dresses.

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I know that wearing a tight dress might be really empowering because it shows off your curves. However, if you don't want to look too heavy, I suggest you avoid overly tight dresses. You can opt for A-line or wrap dresses to highlight only your cinched waist.

#2: Puffy coats and bulky sweaters.

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It must sound quite contradicting to hear that you shouldn't wear baggy clothes like puffy coats and bulky sweaters. However, it should be done right. If you wear a big coat with loose pants, you will look heavier than you really are. Strike a balance with your outfit and wear a thin blazer with your flared pants. Or, you can wear a bulky sweater with leggings or skinny jeans.

#3: Skinny jeans.

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You should not wear skinny jeans that are too tight for you. Find the perfect fit for you when you shop, and even skinny jeans will look good on you. Make sure to wear them with oversized shirts or coats so that they won't emphasize your thighs and legs. I would also suggest you get it in a high-waisted version so that you can accentuate your natural waist.

#4: 3/4 pants.

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If you have these in your closet, burn them. This pants style does absolutely nothing to flatter our body shapes, even the thin ones. You should wear pants that go down to your ankles or longer. It makes you look taller, which also makes you look slimmer. The ¾ pants cuts your image off too high, creating the illusion that you're shorter than you actually are.

#5: Too many layers.

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When you wear too many layers on your upper body, you create an invisible horizontal line that keeps extending as you wear more layers. It's best to keep it simple yet balanced. Instead of wearing too much, focus on wearing pieces that help you tame the bulkiness of your body. Wear an oversized blazer, but make sure it's long enough to create a vertical line. Instead of the usual left-to-right stripes, you'll see that a vertical stripe on your shirt makes you look elongated instead of wide. These simple style tips can replace your notion of wearing multiple layers to cover your belly fat.

#6: Flared Petticoats and Tight Blouses

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Unfortunately, this pairing is only for skinny people. Wearing them together will highlight most of your problem areas, like your stomach and arms. You might as well go for a loose-fit shirt with an A-line skirt to make your waist look smaller. It gives you a nice shape that is better than the shape petticoats and tight blouses will give.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dresses That Make You Look Thinner - 7 Easy Ways To Look Slim (20)

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Do you still have some queries about the clothes and dresses that make you look thinner? These frequently asked questions should be able to help you out.

How can I make my legs look thinner?

Wear loose bottoms so the material won't stick to your skin and accentuate your thighs. You can also choose pants or shorts with vertical stripes to make your legs look thinner and longer. Don't wear a pencil skirt that's too tight and shorts that are too short.

What colors can make me look thinner?

Choose a dark color for your top if you're top-heavy and you want to put the focus on your bottom area. You can opt for a lighter color on top if you want people to look at your top half rather than the bottom. You can pick black, navy, dark gray, or army green as colors to wear that will help cover your problem areas.

What types of clothes will make me look tall and slim?

A midi dress would look great on taller women who want to look slimmer. A wrap dress with an empire waist is also good because it will only highlight your waist and not your hips. They're loose on the bottom, so you don't need to worry about your belly showing.

How can I make myself look slimmer in pictures?

Find the best angle for you. If you have wide hips, you should show only your side. If you face the camera directly, it will capture the wideness of your hips. Then, if the problem is your tummy, then it's best to face the camera forward and hold your wrist so that the camera won't see if your stomach is bulging.

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In Conclusion

I'm positive these dresses that make you look thinner will be in your next shopping haul.

Looking thinner is not the main goal here, ladies. It's only an important step to help you feel confident in your own body. Not everyone has the luxury of unwavering self-love and confidence, so we do what we can to help you get there. Taking it one step at a time, like getting some clothes that make you look thinner, will put your mind in a place that quietly says, "Hey, I'm worthy of love no matter what size I am." That voice gets bigger and louder the more you feel your worth.

Hopefully, this list helped you gain insight into what to do to make your body look more proportioned, which will eventually help you see that your body is beautiful in any shape. Good luck, ladies!

Expert Introduction

As a fashion enthusiast and stylist with extensive experience in body shape styling and clothing selection, I have a deep understanding of the concepts and strategies related to choosing the right outfits to enhance one's appearance. I have been featured in various style websites such as Hello Giggles, Her Campus, and others, where I have shared my expertise on styling for different body types and selecting clothes that flatter and slim the figure. My knowledge and experience in this area have allowed me to provide valuable guidance and advice to individuals seeking to revamp their wardrobes and feel more confident in their clothing choices.

Concepts Related to Dressing to Look Thinner

The article "Are You on the Hunt for the Best Dresses That Make You Look Thinner?" provides a comprehensive guide on how to look slimmer regardless of body type. It covers various concepts and tips related to clothing, accessories, and styling techniques. Here are the key concepts discussed in the article:

Look Slimmer

The article emphasizes the importance of choosing clothes that emphasize one's assets and de-emphasize flaws. It provides tips on selecting outfits and accessories to enhance the overall appearance and boost confidence.

Clothes To Avoid

The article highlights specific types of clothing to avoid, as they can make the body look heavier. It advises against wearing very tight dresses, puffy coats, skinny jeans, and other styles that may not be flattering for certain body types.

Tips for Looking Slimmer

The article provides practical tips for achieving a slimmer appearance, such as investing in shapewear, wearing high-waist jeans, choosing the right accessories, selecting the right cut of clothing, working on posture, and wearing high heels to elongate the body.


The article addresses frequently asked questions related to clothing that can make one look thinner, including tips for making legs look thinner, choosing colors to create a slimming effect, selecting clothes to appear tall and slim, and techniques for looking slimmer in pictures.

More Awesome Articles

The article concludes by suggesting additional fashion-related articles for further exploration, covering topics such as hairstyles, sustainable fashion, Gen Z fashion trends, and tips for achieving an expensive look on a budget.

In conclusion, the article provides a holistic guide to help individuals make informed clothing choices that enhance their appearance and boost their confidence, emphasizing the importance of feeling worthy of love at any size.

Dresses That Make You Look Thinner - 7 Easy Ways To Look Slim (2024)
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