JASPER Vs. Powertrain Products: Who Wins The Engine War? (2024)

Nerd or not, if you know about car engines, you’ll understand why remanufactured or refurbished engines are good options for a lot of people.

Jasper and Powertrain are two of the most common names you’ll hear in this field. They’re both good, but some factors make them different.

Warranty, customer service, and performance are the biggest factors that make them different. What else makes them different though? Let’s take a deeper look.

A Quick Comparison Summary

If you’re one of the “always-on-the-go” persons, this part is for you. If you want to know the gist of it all minus the fluff, this table notes them down for you. Feel free to go through it for a quick summary.

WarrantyOnly covers partsCovers labor cost
Engine OptionsRemanNew or Reman
Customer SupportGoodBetter

Now for the less busy people, let’s get into the details.

Key Differences Between Jasper And Powertrain Products

Engines are a sensitive deal. They cost a pretty big amount so you can’t just throw them away and start over in case of bad performance. This is why it is better to know everything about your options before you go and buy one.

The biggest difference between Jasper and Powertrain would be the cost and the warranty policy. There are a bunch of other differences too but these two pretty much sets them apart.

Let’s take a better look at the differences between these two.

  • Cost
JASPER Vs. Powertrain Products: Who Wins The Engine War? (1)

When it comes to remanufactured engines, the cost is a pretty big factor. Powertrain has picked up on that pretty quickly and so far they’re winning over Jasper in this department.

Engine cost depends on which one you’re getting. A completely new engine will cost you more than a refurbished one.

And there’s a difference between the remanufactured engines too. Jasper usually costs around $5100 for their remanufactured engine.

That’s a pretty good number considering the quality, but Powertrain will do you one better. Their engines cost less than Jasper, you can get a Powertrain engine for around $3900.

That doesn’t look like much but when you consider delivery, fitting, towing, and everything else; it looks like a win.

And that is if you directly buy from Powertrain, if you buy a used one then you can get it even cheaper.

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  • Warranty

This is the biggest difference between Jasper and Powertrain. Most of the grievances around either brand trace back to their warranty coverage and handling.

JASPER Vs. Powertrain Products: Who Wins The Engine War? (2)

Jasper might be a big name, but they’re losing horribly to Powertrain in this department.

Jasper engines are notorious for their warranty, to say the least.

They have the same limited warranty as Powertrain (36 months/100,000 miles) but the problem is in the coverage. Jasper’s warranty only covers the parts you’ll need, nothing else.

Plus Jasper’s warranty looks very shaky. One stitch out of place and they’ll declare your warranty void. You won’t even get the parts you need.

Powertrain on the other hand goes above and beyond to honor its warranty. They cover both replacement parts and labor costs.

This includes towing, installation, and everything else. On top of that Powertrain’s warranty is pretty strong too.

Powertrain also has a rep for taking full responsibility in case of a faulty part, unlike Jasper. All in all, things don’t look very bright for Jasper engines in the warranty department.

  • Performance
JASPER Vs. Powertrain Products: Who Wins The Engine War? (3)

This is the most crucial part of a remanufactured engine.

The whole point of getting a remanufactured engine is null if you can’t get the performance you want.

Jasper engines have a record of doing just that while Powertrain is the opposite.

Jasper engines unfortunately have a plethora of complaints when it comes to performance.

There’s a pretty big chance that you won’t get the mileage you expect from them.

And if you’re unlucky, you might even receive a faulty product.

Of course, you can say this is because Jasper is a much bigger brand and that’s why they have more failure cases. But there’s no way of calculating the failure percentage so you have to go with the raw numbers.

Powertrain may not be a big name, but its engine performance is much better than Jasper’s. They put out adequate mileage and there are rarely any issues with the engines too.

  • Engine Options

Yes, most people go to both brands for remanufactured engines but it is better to have options open. This is probably why Powertrain has the option open for both new and reman engines.

Jasper on the other hand has only reman engine option available.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is like the cherry on top of these products. It doesn’t help the product but it helps when you’re facing any problem with them.

Jasper has more customer complaints going on for them but they also marked all of them as solved.

But when it comes to responding in real-time, Jasper is pretty slow. Powertrain, on the other hand, has fewer complaints, to begin with.

Plus they’re super responsive and treat every issue with equal importance.

Which One Should You Pick?

Here’s the deal about engines – it depends a lot on your luck. A brand could have the most flawless record and you could still end up with a less-than-ideal product.

This is why other factors come into play when you’re choosing an engine (especially a refurbished/remanufactured one).

Between these two options, Powertrain is the more logical option. They’re both amazing but Jasper seems to have a spot in their record in the performance department. Powertrain also covers better with their warranty and has amazing customer service.

Unless Jasper is specifically recommended for you, Powertrain is the better option between the two.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is hard to cover everything in a single article so if you have some more questions, it is understandable. Here is a bunch of questions people ask often about JASPER and Powertrain engines. Hopefully, these can help you more.

Are JASPER engines the best?

This comes down to personal preference honestly. Objectively speaking, JASPER makes one of the best engines. They’re pretty good at their jobs too. So you can consider JASPER engines a good option.

Who is JASPER engines competitors?

Everyone who isn’t JASPER engines. Jokes apart, some of Jasper engine’s competitors are Daibea, DENSO International America, Navistar, and Deutz. There are other companies like Powertrain and S&J, but they’re more of smaller competitors.

Are remanufactured engines as good as new?

That depends on the manufacturers. But technically speaking, a remanufactured engine should be just as good as a new engine.

Where are JASPER engines built?

Jasper’s engines are built (assembled) in their own operation sites in Jasper, Indiana. They have multiple remanufacturing sites including the headquarters in Jasper. There is a remanufacturing facility in Crawford County, Indiana, and Willow Springs, Missouri.

Final Verdict

And there it is, a comparison between JASPER and Powertrain products. Both are high-quality engines and are known for their performance. But all other things considered, Powertrain has the edge over Jasper.

Of course, it comes down to your personal preference in the end. But if you wanted to give only one of these a shot, Powertrain is a better idea.

JASPER Vs. Powertrain Products: Who Wins The Engine War? (2024)
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