Space Needle Introduces State-of-the-Art Interactive Digital Experiences (2024)

Since its inception, the Space Needle has been a symbol of innovation and creativity.Staying true to that vision, we are introducing digital experiences that are not only groundbreaking for us, but for towers around the world.” — Jeff Wright, Chairman, Space Needle, LLC

Seattle, WA, USA/PRNewswire/ —Built as a symbol of the future for the Age of Space 1962 World’s Fair,Seattle’siconic Space Needle is once again embracing the promise of the future – this week, the curtain comes up on ground-breaking digital experiences that will inspire urban explorers and connect visitors to the sights and experiences of the Pacific Northwest in ways that, until now, could only be imagined.

With a vantage point 520 feet above the city, the Space Needle has unofficially acted as a launch pad for many a visitors’Seattleexperience. Starting today, visitors and Space Needle gazers the world over can download the newSpace Needle Mobile Appto serve as their guide and memory book toSeattle’soriginal high-rise. Acting as a starting point for exploration, the app presents alternative views with augmented reality, shares a look at historical events, and helps visitors locate and learn about all the key sights in town. On the Observation Deck, visitors will find kiosks that transport them to the octopus tank at the Seattle Aquarium or onto the pitch with the Seattle Sounders FC at CenturyLink Field. Guests can connect with the city in these unrivaled one-of-kind experiences like never before.

Onsite, the experience starts at the Launch Pad. Through the app, guestspoint their iPhone or Android phone atone of several unique“Space Spots”on the ground and experience “augmented reality” as the Space Needle rises out of the spot withfireworks, space ships ornumerous other experiencesin their viewer. Friends and family can even step into the picture and put their arms around the Needle for a photo or walk on a virtual glass floor.

On the Observation Deck, guests can reach into the past or peer into the future with the 20′ x 8′ digital touchscreenSkyPadthat displays thousands of photos of visits to the Space Needle from the early 60s to today. Guests can post photos of their own experience or pin their hometown on a digital globe, showing others who have visited from the same location.

The520 Teleporterdigital kiosks incorporate Microsoft’s Photosynth ( technology which captures places in amazing resolution and full 3D. Get transported to the Pike Place Market to see what the fish sees as it flies through the air into a crowd of onlookers, or climb aboard one of the houseboats made famous by the film “Sleepless inSeattle.” With a click on a kiosk, guests can take a 360° tour of “never seen before” experiences.

“One of the greatest aspects of this project has been the local partnerships that made these experiences possible. Microsoft technology played an integral role, as did several top creative and interactive development agencies,” saidKaren Olson, vice president of marketing, Space Needle. “We pushed beyond what we thought was possible to offer our guests, and locals alike, experiences that are totally unique, memorable, and shareable. We’re heightening our guests’ ability to discoverSeattlewith new experiences that deliver more interaction, insights, connections, smiles and ‘wow.’ And, there is more to come.”

Space Needle SpaceBookis another innovation that launched this summer. When guests arrive, their ticket will unlock unique digital photo experiences at the Space Needle and create a personalized online memory book for them. The free photo experiences include the popular silver screen photos where guests pose and select different backgrounds. Two addition photo experiences will be launching this summer – aSkyHigh Selfieand aZoomie, the ultimate “zoom selfie.”

These and many more elements of this re-invented guest experience will roll-out over the summer months.For more on what’s to come

Space Needle Digital Experience Partners

Belle & Wissel is an award winning design and technology company that creates participatory experiences. They designed and created the Space Needle’s Digital Media Wall. For more information on Belle & Wissel, visit:

Creature is a creative agency that focuses on design and innovation. They provided creative direction and content production for the Space Needle’s mobile app, Digital Media Wall, and kiosks. For more information on Creature, visit:

Fuerte is an award winning company specializing in the creation of outstanding mobile experiences. They have created over 150 Apps including the development of the new Space Needle app. For more information on Fuerte, visit:

Group Delphi is a company that specializes in installing interpretive designs and displays. They worked on the 520 Teleporter kiosks. For more information on Group Delphi, visit:

Idea Gateway is an entrepreneurial consulting company. The helped with the development of the kiosks. For more information on Idea Gateway, visit:

The Space Needle collaborated with Microsoft to create the “teleporter” experiences. Using Microsoft Photosynth technology and content shot by Creature, the 520 Teleporter offers a 3D experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Photosynth was inspired by the breakthrough research on Photo Tourism from the University of Washington and Microsoft Research. This work pioneered the use of photogrammetry to power a cinematic and immersive experience, perfectly matched to the 520 Teleporter. For more information on Microsoft Photosynth, visit:

OK Rocket is a creative technology studio. They develop digital experiences for web, mobile, and social mediums. They worked with Creature, Idea Gateway, Belle & Wissel and Fuerte to create SpaceBook. For more information on OK Rocket, visit:

Olson Kundig Architects is an award winning architecture firm. They designed the Space Needle’s kiosks as well as the Digital Media Wall. For more information on Olson Kundig Architects, visit:

Schuchart is a full service contracting company. The worked on the Digital Media Wall. For more information on Schuchart, visit:

Stimulant is an innovation studio. They worked closely with Creature and Belle & Wissel to create the Space Needle’s 520 Teleporter kiosks. For more information on Stimulant, visit:

Streamline Solutions is a design and installation company. They upgraded the kiosks as well as worked on the Digital Media Wall. For more information on Streamline Solutions, visit:

VODA Studios is a full-service film and production company specializing in video, photography, post-production, and capture services. For more information on VODA, visit:

Space Needle Introduces State-of-the-Art Interactive Digital Experiences (2024)
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