What Is The Perfect Title Of Your Life Story? (2023)


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A few weeks ago, I decided to put together a blog post about what I thought the song or movie title would be to summarize my life story.

I had various songs in mind, but I was having trouble picking out the one.How can you summarize a whole life in one song or movie title?

For me, there is no oneand single choice. At different stagesin my life the song or movie title describing my life story would not remain the same.

I can only choose the present, the person I am today. In 10 years I would answer differently.At least,I hope I will. Showing that I am growing, evolving, changing for the better.

This got me thinking – what kinds of songs or movie title encompass other lives?

I decidedto ask others in the blogosphere to name their song or movie title of their life story and share with me why.

Here is mine along with seven others, in their own words.

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Sheri (Me) –Movie Title: The Matrix

Wait what? Why?

Well let me tell you. The idea that you can change your whole world by thinking differently about it very much applies to the road I have taken in life today.

The power of positive thinking, and reaffirmations of gratitude direct my path daily.

Awakening to the possibility that not everyone in my environment is well-meaning is a huge factor. My life story changes from phase to phase and that is why I chose this movie.

Social consensus arefalsehoodsthat mask our true nature with society telling us who we are, not letting us be who we are meant to.

I have finally developed the courage to break away from external pressures to be myself, live and enjoy this self-reflective adventure called life.

The Matrix is multi-layered, as are we. So that is the title of my life story as of today.

Here are the responses from my other blogger friends….Enjoy!

Skye fromGoodnight The Skye–Song: Renegades by Feeder

I chose Renegades because it’s not motivational in the conventional sense. It talks a lot about how much easier it is to conform and how much bravery it takes to stand out, and as a queer person who runs an alternative culture blog that idea really speaks to me.

Just like the song says, it took a long time for me to realise that while I could be different and belong to the mainstream, my existence and interests are not the threat to others they are made out to be.

When faced with the knowledge that I could be more successful following the ‘blogger stereotypes’, listening to Renegades inspires me to be true to my heart and my content, even if it puts me somewhat on the fringe of the community. Likewise, whenever I’m filled with doubt leaving the house in red lipstick and a black leather ensemble, I remember that what others might think is not important – as long as I know who I am.

This is a song that’s been with me since I was little, and it’s only become more relevant to me as I’ve grown up. I’m never going to be a saint or a profit, I’m a burlesque-loving goth freak, and that’s completely okay.

Dominique fromJourney With D–Song: Strength, Courage, and Wisdom by India Arie

For a long time I never used my voice. I never made decisions that helped me, I always let someone else do that for me. At the age of 21,

I finally found what was inside of me all along; strength, courage and wisdom to do what I was created to do.

I’m no longer afraid to progress in life regardless of what people say. I am me and nobody can be me better than me. I’m so glad I can say that at 25!!!

Aakiee fromI Lifestyle Site–Song: Beautiful Life by Nick Fradiani

I am 20 years old, a passionate Programmer/Designer/Learner and Dreamer. My life is full of colorful and adventures and I am enjoying every bit of it.

The reason why I enjoy my life is simple I just focus on positive things and seek positivism around me. It’s in our hands that how we see the world and we can solve all problems if we stop overthinking and overreacting.

I have turned my life 360 degrees to live it fully by following simple rules of positivism and helping others. So, for all the reader. You must enjoy life and cherish your each day, because You Only Live Once!

Amber fromThrifty Guardian–Movie: Brave

I may be seen as a bit too old for cartoons, but I would say Brave best represents my life! I am free spirited, bordering on stubborn, and extremely inspired by the world around me.

I refuse to be controlled by my debt or lack of time; I know where my passions lie (helping others gain control of their own lives!) and I’ll do whatever it takes to live those dreams.

April fromApril Speaks–Song: Anak by Freddie Aguilar

The song which I think best describe the story of my life is “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar, which has also an English version. It’s the story of my life because like in the song, my parent did everything they could to mold me and to nurture me to become who I am today.

It also tells what I have become despite the sacrifices my parents have done for me. I personally love the song because it serves me as a reminder to respect my parent no matter what.

This song has really awaken my senses to correct myself, that I should change the way I treat my parents.

Pam fromOptimistic Cat–Song:The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

The story of my life song is called The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. As a 43 year old single mom for the past 7 years, I just recently went back to school to get my degree.

Just as I am feeling overwhelmed by the constant financial struggles I am facing day to day; I am feeling overwhelmed by the new challenges going back to school brings.

In this song, I am reminded that it’s ok to be yourself and do what is best for you, not what you think others want you to do. I am also reminded that things in life take time, but in the end, everything will be alright.

To me this song is about learning to believe in yourself and what you can do as long as you always do your best.

Never worry about what others think of you, because everyone is going to judge you in some small way or another. What matters at the end of the day is you and what makes you happy!

Aisha fromConflict Chicks–Song: Video by India Arie

This songbest describes my life. Media, friends and even family will make you feel less than because you don’t live up to their beauty standards.

As a young woman, I found it hard to be comfortable in my own skin; constantly comparing myself to someone taller, thinner, more fashionable, bigger personality or most popular.

Until one day it just became to much, it took so much effort to be or attempt to be someone else other than myself. I decided to accept ME as I was created! It was empowering!

I realized how much style & personality I had. I valued myself more & so did others. I live my life own my terms, creating my own beauty standard.

And there they are! All the interesting responses I received.

As you can see, this list is eclectic. We are of different ages and backgrounds and identify with songs and movies for various reasons.

Wouldn’t itbe interesting to returnto this list in a yearforan update on whether we would change the title choices made here?

Do you have a song or movie title you use to encapsulate your life story?

Share it with me in the comments section below, I am interested in your choice and why!

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